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Home Staging FAQs

What ROI can be expected by staging a home?


Our main goal is to make sure the house sells quickly and for top dollar. Homes that sell in the 1st month on the market get the best offers. The cost of staging a home is less than the first price reduction compared to the unstaged home. A home is the biggest investment that the homeowner has made so it is important that it is in the best possible condition before putting it on the market. If the house is unstaged, it stays 60% longer on the market which can cause stress of the house not selling or selling for less than the listing price. Then one can also be stressed to keep the home in top shape for showings and open houses. Staging the home before listing is a huge stress buster and worth all the money spent having it done by a professional home stager.


I have an empty home and am ready to put it up for sale soon. Do I need staging for my empty home?

Definitely. 90% people cannot visualize a home, buyers wonder if their furniture will fit in the space. An empty home, without furniture, feels cold and uninviting. If there is no furniture, a buyer gets distracted by the negative details of the home like small size of a room, undefined layout design, lack of architectural detail. Once furniture is brought in, we create a warm, inviting feel for the buyer so that they see themselves living there. We will create cozy conversation areas and vignettes; keeping in mind the functionality.

My home is already on the market for the past 60 days and is not selling. Can you help?


Certainly. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to come see the home and evaluate the property. This will enable us to draw a plan to get the home sold quickly. It is better to stage the home and sell it quickly even after a number of days on the market than leave it unstaged and not have the home sold for longer.


Are people offended when you say negative things about their home?

We understand that every homeowner customizes their home according to their tastes and needs. But the way we live in our home is not how we sell it. The homeowners realize that in order to showcase the home in top condition we need to be able to discuss the home's details objectively. We are not judgemental; we are only doing our job. That is why we have been hired. When our clients see the transformation, they see the difference staging a home has brought out.


When should I contact you for your staging service?


Call us anywhere between 4-6 weeks ahead of listing the home for sale. It is best to get the home evaluated by a professional home stager first so that any repairs or renovations the home stager has recommended to update a home need to be completed quickly.